My Magic Mile

2 September 2013, 12:48

I’ve quickly become a regular at our usual Thursday track sessions over the course of this summer, but last week we did something a little different. The Marathon Talk podcast (which is well worth subscribing to!) is hosting the Magic Mile challenge so we decided to take part. As part of this, we listed our usual session details on the Marathon Talk website, effectively opening it up to any non-Run dem Crew runners who wished to take part. I’m pleased to say that we had four new faces come down and join us in addition to a healthy RDC showing, which was enough to run four heats!

To those not familiar with the track, one lap around is 400m exactly. One mile = 1.609 kilometers. Since four laps around the track is just shy of a mile, there’s an extra curved line drawn on the track 9m back from the usual finish line. Everyone starts at that line, then completes four laps.

Melissa on the track
(Special thanks to Murdo for taking this great photo of me coming down the final straight!)

I’m sure some groups could’ve done fancy chip timing or special stopwatches for each person, but we just set the timer going when we yelled “Go!”, then shouted out the various lap times as each runner crossed the finish line, and eventually scrawled every person’s mile time on a notepad.

Having just completed the 1500m in 5:45 a few weekends ago in the British Transplant Games, I figured my mile time would be somewhere around the 6 minute mark, and I’m very pleased to report I ran it in 6:08! Considering my best ever mile time in high school was 8:15, I think it’s safe to say that 34-year-old-me just kicked 16-year-old-me’s ass!

Humility has a way of catching up with you though – since I still had my training plan’s 400m repeats to do, I took a short breather before launching into 400m at breakneck pace, followed by 400m recovery. I was meant to do four or five but after the third I felt this close to puking and had to call it quits. 34-year-old-me has now learned never to eat peanut butter right before track…

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