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9 September 2013, 13:51

I’ve been following Lunges & Lycra on Twitter now for quite some time, so I was chuffed (and flattered!) when I received an invite to their Summer Social gathering last week, even though it was before I’d launched this site and therefore wasn’t even a “fitness blogger” (Spooky – how did they know??).

As you’d expect from girls who “like sweating, fitness and the odd nip of gin”, it was a lot of fun! We all came dressed ready for a workout (myself in FehrTrade gear I’d sewn myself, of course!) and after finally putting faces to quite a few online names (hi Becca and PT Mollie!), we were split up into teams ready to run all over Soho on a WhatsApp-based scavenger hunt compliments of the Fitness Playground guys.

Team Midas Touch
The nice shots are compliments of Lunges & Lycra’s pro photographer!

Even though it was technically my rest day, I reckon we easily clocked up 5km running everywhere from Charing Cross road down through Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, and even out to the Mall before returning to base, including a super-fast sprint through the curved tunnels in Charing Cross tube station in order to grab a tube map! There were also challenges along the way, like ping pong (where, despite my watching the Olympic ping pong last summer, I failed miserably!), photo ops, and even an egg & spoon race!

Team Midas Touch

It all ended with a set of racing lifts to get back to base first, and after tallying up the points, I’m proud to say that my team, Midas Touch, triumphed! It was all in good fun, though, and as we chatted over salads, smoothies, and fizz, it was clear that there’s definitely a competitive streak in fit ladies (yeah, who’d have thought, eh??). We then heard a great talk from ultra runner Rebecca Cox, who gave us some real-life advice about training that had me shaking my head vigorously in agreement (especially the bit about getting out and running in the worst, hungover, rainy condition in your rattiest kit so race day seems a breeze!).

Lunges & Lycra party

We also heard about A Mile In Her Shoes, a new charity that’s helping homeless women to start running (and they desperately need donations of ladies running shoes!), there were some competitions for door prizes, including a new Tom Tom running watch and Yurbuds, and I had a great chat with one of the founders of Honestly Healthy, who supplied the salads for the event.

Thumbing through their cookbook, I couldn’t believe how closely it aligned with the diet my trainer had put me on for the past few weeks (more on that another time) – mine didn’t really “have a name”, but I could certainly see similarities to the alkaline foods Honestly Healthy were advocating, and the book is mostly vegan and gluten-free, too (neither of which I am, but neither is a bad thing!). The cookbook is high on my wishlist, but the very next day I tried out their “Sticky Seed Flapjack” recipe since I had all the ingredients and it didn’t contain anything verboten in my diet plan, either. I’d really missed baking, but it’s hard to bake without flour or sugar, but these flapjacks were just dates, nuts, seeds, oats, and agave nectar!

Honestly Healthy flapjacks

The verdict – they’re really freaking tasty, and would make great on-the-go running fuel, too. My problem is only that it made a ton of flapjacks and I’m having a hard time not eating them all myself in the first day!

To end the evening (as indeed it did have to end eventually), we were all given a goody bag on our way out, and they seriously outdid themselves with the contents!

Lunges & Lycra goody bag

Included were lots of my favourites like Nakd, Sweaty Betty, and Nuun, but also some stuff I’ve been meaning to try for ages, like calf compression sleeves from RGA, nom bars (once I eat my way through my flapjack mountain!), and an interesting-looking pistachio protein shake from Puriton.

Team Midas Touch was Cat, Kathleen, Jane, Rachel and me!

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