A Scheduled Break

23 September 2013, 12:10

When I laid out my running plans sat the beginning of this year, I of course was mostly thinking about my races: the East London half in April, Copenhagen marathon in May, a few shorter summer races, then Bacchus half in September as my only Fall race. This doesn’t sound like very many, but it was all part of my plan to really focus on my form this year and rebuild myself so that I’d be in a great place to start properly training for London Marathon (now “VMLM”) in November.

What you don’t see by just listing out the races, however, is that I scheduled in my own 6 week break between Bacchus and VMLM training to give myself both a break from regimented training, but also a bit of a mental break, too. Don’t get me wrong, I love training and the Type A personality in me loves following a training plan, but the body and mind need rest, too!

So what will I be doing doing my scheduled break? Surprisingly, I will still be doing a bit of running, but when I feel like it, and the distances and routes I fancy. We’re also going on a big holiday through Mexico for 2.5 of of those weeks, where I’ll be doing a lot of walking, but mostly a lot of eating!

New Balance Minimus

I’m not expecting to be able to run much (as a solo female runner in unfamiliar territory, it doesn’t seem like a particularly safe idea), but I’ve got a bunch of hotel room-friendly foot strengthening exercises to do, plus I’m bringing my new barefoot/minimalist trainers along to do lots of walking around in, as recommended by my trainer to also help build up foot strength. And if the odd Mayan step pyramid presents itself, then I’m sure I won’t be able to resist a good stair-running session!

But really, I’m hoping to emerge at the end of October with a fresh outlook, fresh legs, and a hunger to start in on marathon training again. I know that the amount of time off isn’t enough to destroy my fitness or strength, or gain more than a few pounds, and the good it’ll do me should be worth it.


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