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River Runner is the personal site of Melissa Fehr, an American expat living on the Thames in London.

I’ve been a runner for over a decade (which you can read much more about here), I’ve been an avid sewist for around the same amount of time (please visit my sewing site, for much more on that!). My husband and I have been living on our old, rusty, and sometimes cranky Dutch barge, Hendrik, since 2007 (and yes, we have a blog, albeit neglected, for that too!)

On Tuesdays I run with Run dem Crew and I train with Barbara from Energy Labs.

I sew nearly all of my own running gear, and I am available to commission for custom leggings and sportwear designs, so if you’re interested in running in clothes that actually fit and flatter you, please get in touch.

So far I have completed six full marathons – Amsterdam in October 2012 (3:48), Copenhagen in May 2013 (3:52), London in April 2014 (3:30), Berlin in August 2014 (3:46), London in April 2015 (3:32) and the mountainous, off-road, longer-then-a-marathon-but-not-really-an-ultra Transylvanian Bear Race in June 2016 (6:22), plus about ten(?) half marathons, and countless shorter races. I am a multiple gold medallist in the British Transplant Games (3000m, 1500m, 800m and 400m) for three consecutive years (2013, 2014 and 2015), plus I represented Great Britain in track and field at the World Transplant Games in Argentina in 2015, winning 6 gold medals and setting a new World Record in the 1500m.


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