Half marathons in preparation for London

8 November 2013, 11:56

The cornerstone of marathon training is undoubtedly the long, slow run (LSR), but nearly every marathon training plan you’ll find also incorporates a half marathon race a 4-6 weeks before the full marathon. As my next big race is London marathon on 13 April, I’ve been looking around trying to decide which half I should enter.

Having spoken to others also running London, this seems to be a common topic of conversation now as everyone starts thinking about their 2014 race calendar, so I thought it was worth sharing my shortlist…

16 FebruaryBrighton Half (registration now closed except through charities), Brighton, UK

23 FebruaryHampton Court Half, Surrey, UK

2 MarchBath Half, Bath, UK
2 MarchSemi-marathon de Paris, Paris, France (Great race, but I’ve gone the past two years running!)
2 MarchSilverstone Half (Is it just me, or does the course look really dull though?)
2 MarchReading Half Marathon, Reading, UK (No way am I running this after Sophie’s review of last year!)
2 MarchEastbourne Half, Sussex, UK
2 MarchTunbridge Wells Half, Kent, UK
2 MarchRoma-Ostia Half, Rome, Italy

9 MarchCPC Loop The Hague, The Hague, The Netherlands
9 MarchMilton Keynes Festival of Running, Milton Keynes, UK
9 MarchCambridge Half (registration now closed except through charities), Cambridge, UK. (thanks to StrayTaoist in the comments!)

16 MarchSpitfire 20 (Miler) and its sister race, the Tempest 10 (Miler), Surrey, UK
16 MarchLeith Hill Half – plus a “Wife carrying race”!! the same day. (thanks to GoodGym for suggesting this on Twitter!) Dorking, UK

Anyone ran any of these that they could sway me one way or another? Have you signed up to any of these, or one I’ve missed? Right now I’m kinda leading towards either Surrey/Guildford, Hampton Court, or the Spitfire 20, but I could be persuaded…

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  1. Cambridge 9th March!

    Stray Taoist    8 November 2013, 12:07    #
  2. Of the ones listed I’ve run a few and I can recommend Tunbridge Wells, challenging but fun and I’ve heard good things about Silverstone although I also hear it is a bit dull and I myself and conspiring deferring my entry to that race until 2015

    UltraBoyRuns    10 November 2013, 13:01    #
  3. I’m in the Bath half and have run it quite a few times now. It’s a two lap race, city centre, pretty flat. On the downside it’s busy, lots of runners, and being a two lap route there’s a point where everyone is marshalled into the left to allow the elites to run by free of us running mortals :-) let me know if you want more info? It’s got an awesome start and finish in great pulteney street, good crowd support and wonderful atmosphere. And if you do enter…lets say hi!

    Scruffy badger    13 November 2013, 06:58    #

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