The eating part

30 December 2013, 15:15

I’m well and truly in the thick of training for London Marathon, and I’m handling the training runs pretty well – even when my trainer introduced the first “doubles” (two runs in one day) for me this month, and she’s got me running 7 times in 6 days! I’ve always been one for following a regimented plan (I guess it’s the German blood in me), but much harder for me to follow is the nutritional plan.

Over the summer, when I was training for the British Transplant Games and slimming down to racing weight, I found the strict diet really difficult to keep on top of, even when it was clear I was getting results. Somehow in my weird little mind, not eating pasta is a bigger ask than running up hills for two hours!

Now that the nutrition is less about weight loss and more about giving my body the fuel it needs to train, I’ve got the opposite problem – I’m finding it difficult to actually consume the quantity of quality carbs and protein that are called for each day! The other issue is that, while I’m happy to eat the same porridge every morning, I get sick of eating the same lunch with brown rice every day, so I’m always on the lookout for interesting new ways of consuming “the good stuff”.

I was recently asked if I’d like to try Cherry Active concentrate, and the first thing that pleased me about it is the ingredients list:

Cherry Active

Yup, just cherry juice. Nothing else.

I don’t really follow all the latest “You should be eating THIS! This magical, performance-boosting thing!” BS I read about in the running magazines, but I figured this was unlikely to do me any harm seeing as how it’s just cherry juice, and if worst comes to worst and it does absolutely nothing for my training, then, well, at least it’s something different to flavour my post-workout smoothies, porridge, or even…. cocktails. Oh yes, it may have detrimental effects on my nutrition after all!

I also owe you all an update on the recipes I’ve made from the Feed Zone Portables cookbook, because I’ve made about 4-5 of them so far and tested most on my long runs. I’m one of those people for whom gels pose zero gastrointestinal issues whatsoever, but still I’d prefer to be eating cinnamon rolls, apple pie, tiny quiches, or waffles on my runs. By the time London comes around, I may be scoffing an entire picnic on the course!



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