Why I run - in 3 minutes!

14 February 2014, 14:32

I’m so excited today because my second ExtraMile video has just gone live! Watch below to get a glimpse of the moorings where I live, learn about why I’m running the London marathon for Anthony Nolan, and what the deal was with that blue wig in the first video

It was a super cold and rainy day when we filmed it last week (yes, the production team turned this round in a week!), and the pianist they hired in for the day was such a dude – he started playing the songs I mentioned from my running playlist totally off the cuff – Groove is in the Heart, Get Lucky, Hey Ya! We were all working with numb fingers so I’m amazed I look as relaxed as I do!

There’ll be a few more videos coming up between now and 13 April, plus profile videos from the other three amazing Extra Mile runners, too.

Oh, and if I’ve inspired you, please consider donating to my fundraising here, or even better, if you’re aged 16-30, joining the bone marrow donor database here.

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  1. Many years ago I had a friend who had just learned she had a bone “cancer”. When she saw the stricken look on my face, she told me not to worry. They only called it a “cancer” because they didn’t have any other name for the condition. Long story short, she had a bone marrow transplant. Everyone was optimistic, but unfortunately she passed away from complications of the surgery.
    You write one of my favorite sewing blogs. I am glad your recovery has been so robust.

    — susan    23 February 2014, 23:02    #

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