My perfect race playlist and an imperfect run

20 February 2014, 12:28

If you missed it, I wrote up a piece for Extra Mile earlier this week talking about how I choose songs for my race playlists and using music as a tool to both motivate, but also to slow you down in those first few miles when you get overexcited! There’s a new competition on the site, too, based around your running playlists, so it’s worth having a look at that, too.

I also had another full day of filming for the Extra Mile project yesterday, too, complete with full makeup and the return of That Wig!

Extra Mile filming

I had a great time joking around with the other guys and the crew, but it’s amazing how tiring just standing around looking pretty can be! I woke up this morning feeling absolutely exhausted, even though yesterday was a Rest Day. I had a 1hr30 tempo run in my plan for this morning, but that seemed hopelessly optimistic (it’s really tough even on my best days!). It was all I could do to drag myself out the door, and I went out thinking I’d maybe do 10km and see how I felt. Well, I felt sloppy & annoyed at everything & demotivated and then it started to rain! So I cut it short at Blackfriars and only ended up running a third of what I should’ve, but when things are going that badly I find it’s best to just cut your losses and live to run another day, as it were.

I’ve resolved to rest hard today to hopefully ensure I don’t get sick, and make up for the lack of rest yesterday. It’s been ages since I had a bad run but good riddance to this one!

How do you cope with a bad run?

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  1. Gosh, I thought you were Katy Perry! You do look fabulous, I have to say!

    alice    11 March 2014, 20:09    #

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