My new favourite speed combo

14 July 2014, 14:27

Unfortunately of late I’ve got lots to say, and not enough time to say it! I find myself composing posts on my slow and solitary runs, but then when I’m back at my computer, the paid work and writing for my sewing business takes precedence.

I don’t often talk explicitly about my sewing patterns here, but you’ve seen enough of them in my race photos, and I wanted to show you my new favourite running set.

The top is my latest pattern, the VNA Top, made with three different wicking fabrics that happened to coordinate absolutely perfectly when I put them together. I had only a tiny bit of the geometric print leftover from the top, but it was enough to pair with some black Suziplex wicking lycra to make a pair of my Duathlon Shorts in the “booty” length. If you’re interested in the fabrics or sewing details, I’ve posted in great detail over at Or if you don’t sew yourself, get in touch if you’d like to commission me to sew you something.

teal mixed print VNA set

These were taken this morning before (left) and after (right) my interval session along the river this morning. It was hot enough at 8:30 that I was thankful for the shorts, and the extra silicone elastic I added to the hems to keep them in place (as an aside, this is a super easy fix to store-bought shorts that ride up!).

I’ve only got a month left now until the British Transplant Games, where I’ll be defending my double gold medals in the 3km “mini marathon” and 1500m, but also running the 800m, 400m, and 200m. So hence all the speed intervals and track sessions! But I can’t afford to give up my long runs, either, as I’ve got Berlin marathon looming at the end of September, too…



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