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6 October 2014, 15:08

Whenever we go on holiday, I usually try to bring my running kit along so I can go out and explore. I tend to head to the river if there’s one nearby, and my runs on our recent trip through Bohemia certainly followed this pattern!

In Budapest, I first headed to Margaret Island, which is a park in the middle of the Danube with a rubberised, 5km running track along the exterior of the island. I ran along here a few years ago and loved it, and have been dreaming about another run here ever since. The track itself is showing some definite signs of wear, but you can’t beat a good bouncy run followed by a dip in the Palatinus Strand thermal baths (also on the island)!

Budapest - Margaret Island

My second scheduled run in Budapest was only a short one, so I just ran straight up Andrassy Utca, which, despite being a major road, has a tree-lined, separated pedestrian walkway away from the shops, lined with benches! This lead me straight up to Hero’s Square for a quick sneaker selfie, then back down Andrassy to our flat.

Budapest - Hero's Square

I didn’t quite manage to fit in my planned threshold run while in Vienna (I find it difficult to fling myself round familiar streets at 6min/mi, let alone unfamiliar, dark ones!), but while we were in Prague I yet again headed to the river and found a little island to run laps around.

Prague - view of Charles Bridge

My final casual run of the trip was in Berlin the day before the marathon, which I just did a little recce of the Tiergarten, and I couldn’t help but take a little shot of my feet with the start line!

Berlin marathon

Some people may collect little sounvenirs of each place they visit, maybe a magnet or patch or little piece of jewelry, but the older I get, the less I want more physical stuff hanging around. We tend to bring back food from places we travel, and little runs like these are my own “souvenir”, allowing me to think back fondly on the funny little places I’ve found whilst travelling over the years. Some of the most unexpected places have revealed the best runs, and it’s so enjoyable to break up my routine with new scenery.

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