Armbands for Argentina

11 January 2015, 17:39

I had a bit of a stroke of genius just before Christmas, as my bag of lycra fabric scraps was literally overflowing – If I sewed up a bunch of Running armband pockets I could make some space in my sewing room and fundraise for the Argentina World Transplant Games at the same time!

So I took a few days over the holidays and went through my lycra scraps, cutting out as many armband pieces as I possibly could from my collection of wicking and high quality lycra fabrics. Each armband requires two pieces of fabric, so I got to play with different combinations for the armbands, too.

Armband pockets in progress

I then sat in my sewing room and sewed together as many as I possibly could, assembly-line style, so that you’ve got loads to choose from! I figure this is a win all around – you get a great, stretchy pocket that fits on your arm to hold your phone, keys, gels, or other small items, and I get some help in reaching my fundraising goal for the Games, too!

Armband pockets
So many to choose from!

I’ve reworked the pocket size a little bit from my free sewing pattern so the pocket itself is a bit taller – iPhone 4s and 5s easily fit inside, as do iPhone 6s and the Samsung Galaxy phones. There’s a little fold-over flap at the top which keeps the contents from sliding out, but is still easy enough to access while you’re on the move.

Armband pockets - with iPhone 5s
The pocket can hold most modern phones – seen here with an iPhone 5s partially inserted inside (it does fit!)

I wasn’t sure which arm size would be most popular, so I just based it off my own meaty biceps, making the majority of them size Small, but a few XXS and XL ones thrown in as well. I’m hoping I can tell from this first lot which sizes most people want!

Armband pockets - on my hand

I’ve worn mine on both my lower arm and upper arm during races as I find them to be super convenient for gel storage, but others love them for phone storage, too. There’s no excuse to still be still holding your phone in your hand, or even worse, down your sports bra!

Armbands being worn

How do you get one?
For convenience, I’m going to start by offering these at Run dem Crew and our workplaces so I can cut out the postage process altogether. If you’d like one, please bring £10 in cash and you can pick out whichever one you like, first come first served. If these sell well, I’ll make another batch later in the year! All proceeds go towards
my fundraising target for the World Transplant Games – the registered charity is Transplant Sport.

If you see one in the photo you absolutely must have (and I’ll be seeing you in person sometime soon) – drop me an email and you can reserve a particular one with an online donation instead.

Or if you’d like to help get me to the Games but have no need in an armband, you can alternatively sponsor me below!

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