Certified BADMAN

3 February 2015, 16:04

My running has been disrupted of late, to say the least. I was only just getting back into some sort of rhythm after my awful cold/flu over the entire holidays, when my grandmother suddenly fell into a coma and passed away. So I took an extremely last-minute flight back to Pennsylvania for the funeral, and somehow I managed to remember to throw my trainers and my warmest running clothes into my suitcase.

January in Pennsylvania is never the kindest month to run in, but I really needed the stress release and Me Time and despite two snow storms, enormous hills, and no pavements, managed to run twice in the five days I was there.

Snowy, icy selfie

I’ve run through 10-11 London winters now, in rain, snow, freezing winds, the lot… but this was something else! Monday’s run was through an active snowstorm (Blizzard Juno), with frozen eyebrows and eyelashes, and snow collecting on my mustard merino Surf to Summit Top. When I got back to my grandfather’s, my stomach was beet-red with cold even through the merino!

After my first run, I looked at the map and saw that “Badman Road” was only a few hundred meters beyond where I’d turned around, so of course I had to go that little bit further to get some selfies to prove my “Badman” status!

selfie with Badman Road sign

I couldn’t feel less like a marathoner, let alone an inernational track star at the moment, so I’m going to look at this photo whenever I need a boost. Yeah, that time I ran through a blizzard to Badman Road!

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  1. Now that is one hardcore BAD LADY!

    MsMcCall    14 February 2015, 19:40    #

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