Like the Wind - My Transplant story

1 May 2015, 10:59

I've been long overdue in posting about Like the Wind magazine, mostly because I wanted to take the time to do it justice. The only thing it has in common with other running magazines like Runners World is that they're both printed on paper, and that's about it.

Their motto is "It's not how to run, it's why we run", and that pretty much sums up what it's all about - each periodic issue is full of incredible, interesting, funny, inspirational, and wonderful stories. Some are written by famous names in the running world, and others are just by regular runners with a story to tell.

Like me.

With Like the Wind

After I taught a "Sew Your Own Leggings" class at their pop-up event last fall, I got to talking with one of the founders, Julie, who said I should write up my story and submit it for the next issue. I finally got around to putting mind to paper, then heard nothing further, until I got an invite for the 4th issue launch party in February, where my story was being published!

Like the Wind isn't just about the stories though - each article is accompanied by specially-commissioned art or photography, which really gives the whole magazine an amazingly rich and varied experience to just flick through (though in reality, it takes me months to read through an issue because I read it cover to cover and savour every article!).

My Like the Wind article

I didn't know it until I got my printed copy, but the artist chosen to illustrate mine was Leeds-based Mark Frudd, who captured my words utterly perfectly. The image of a turmoil-filled woman in the river as a lone runner crosses the bridge, well, it's a lot closer to reality than I often admit. The photo above doesn't do his artwork justice though, so click through here to see a better version of it. I felt like I won the illustrator lottery, as his artwork on the cover of Issue #2 is one of my favourite running images ever!

If you'd like to read the piece I wrote for Like the Wind, you can buy Issue #4 here. The cover price may seem more than you're used to, but there are no adverts, it's printed on high-quality, eco-friendly paper (which smells amazing), and the entire magazine is run as a non-profit, with any proceeds going to charity.

I've also been wanting to make my story even more accessible, as part of a project I'm starting in the lead up to the World Transplant Games, so I've recorded myself reading my Transplant story, which you can listen to below.

(And, by way of a bonus, you can hear my strange, trans-Atlantic, expat accent!)

With London marathon out of the way, I've got a handful of races in May and June, but my mind is firmly on the World Transplant Games, and re-visiting this article has really helped me to remember how far I've come.

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